Cork Brick Art & Antiques A selection of our Gallery Artists

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Thumbnail pictures are not to scale | Measurements are for picture size
All works are framed unless mentioned otherwise | Click on an image to enlarge.


Jacqueline Croft
Dunwich Heath
30x30cm   £150

Patricia Theodorou
Southwold Harbour
23x30cm  £250

Malcolm Cudmore
Woodbridge Estuary
22x28cm  £250

Rosalind Bieber
31x23cm  £280


Vanessa Whinney
River Floods
18x26cm  £220

Margaret Thomas
Christmas Present
£3,200  60x48cm

Mary Spicer
Summer Gift
50x50cm  £525

Dee Nickerson
Looking for a Christmas tree
£850  18x28cm

Cornelia FitzRoy
Euston Willow
54x74cm  £1,800

Cornelia FitzRoy
Sotterly Lake, Lime Tree
54x74cm  £1,800

Tessa Newcomb
Yellow Boat
collage  28x42cm  £250

Barbara Bernard
Cottages at Ditchingham
26x30  £300

Jane Ironside
Cat In the Kitchen
37x37cm   £525 

Peter Baldwin
Drystone wall
33x20cm   £650

Nicola Slattery
Flowers in Her Hair
32x42cm  £495.

John Vesty
School Teacher  £425

Bobbie Watchorn
 Flying Puffin£320

Alice Garland 

Maryanne Koby_Johnson
Lake Magic
£485  33x46cm inc'frame

Delia Tourney-Godfrey
On the Shore
£380  19x27cm

Kerry Timewell
The Witch
£225  20x27cm

Roger Bedingham
Southwold Morings
£85  20x20cm

Rhonda Whitehead
Structured Pattens
£450  31x28cm

Noelle Francis
Cat on Roof
£275  24x29cm 

Nell Close
Dawn Chorus
£370  38x28cm

Mary Gundry
Cosmos on the Patio
£295  23x26cm

Gay Foenander
Looking Out
£250   37x27

Frances Mann
Tall Oak
£650  38x32cm

Sargy Mann
Italian Garden
£850  25x28cm

Bruer Tidman
Lockdown Portrait

Nina Roffey
£200  mixed media
46x52cm including frame

Gill Levin
Patches of Blue
£380  40x28cm

Linocut  70x27cm

Becky Kineavy
Six Pylons
Collage 45x39cm  £250

Paul Darley
Cometh the Crabman
£750  40x50

Eileen Coxon
The Greening
£425  40x40cm