John Vesty old

Cork Brick Gallery NEW EXHIBITION OCTOBER 27th-18th November


              John Vesty born in Manchester he trained in London and currently lives in Norfolk.           

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 Grey 30x25cm  Conference oil 25x25cm  Early Spring 30x25cm  A way out oil 20x20cm
 French Bedroom  Incarnation 20x20 cm  Lime 2012 oil 40x40cm  Night Rain. 30 x 25cm
 Nine fragments in the life of an unknown woman crossing a bridge oil 2012 4  Orange  oil  40x40cm

 Pear 2012 oil 40x40cm


 Sleeper oil 20x20cm
 Something happened in the Park 20x20 cm  Still life on a Blank Canvas 40x40cm  The Attendant oil 40x40cm  The Green Vase 30 x 25cm
 The White Dress 30x25cm  The Winter Room  The Writer oil 20x20cm  Woman in a Darkened Bar 30x25cm