Dee Nickerson

Dee Nickerson

Dee Exhibition 2014

Dee Nickerson has been a regular and popular artist exhibiting at the Cork Brick Gallery since the mid’ 1990’s. Her observations of everyday life are all reflected in her work. Prices range from £150 - £750. Please note that the pictures are not to scale - merely for illustration.

 Last Walk 24 x 31cm
Last Walk   Sold
 Candle Light 30 x 24
Candle Light  sold


July Sunday Walk  30 x 24cm
July Sunday Walk   Sold 

 Postcard from the Valley  10 x 15cm
Postcard from the Valley sold
 Potcard from the Sea  10 x 15cm
Postcard from the Sea  sold
 Where the Bus Stops  10 x 15cm
Where the Bus Stops

Recent Paintings

 Woodmans Gold  Dee Nickerson  13 x 16cm
Woodmans Gold  Acrylic  13 x 16cm  sold
 Winnie Snow  Dee Nickerson  13 x 16cm
Me, Boris.Winnie & Snow   Acrylic 13 x 16cm  dot
 Girl in the Shade  40cm x 30cm
Girl in the Shade  Acrylic  40 x 30cm Sold

 Venus not Sleeping  29cm x 39cm
Venus not Sleeping     Acrylic  29 x 39cm  sold


 Backyard Dee Nickerson  10.3cm x 7.2
Backyard  Acrylic 10.3 x  7.2cm   sold
 Dee Nickerson  Raining Again  32 x 24 cm
Raining Again  32 x 24 cm  Sold

Earlier sold works                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

 On a visit
On a visit              sold

  Looking for the Plough  Dee Nickerson
Looking for the plough  sold
 Waiting for the village bus
Waiting at the bus stop sold

 The Prickiy Subject /
The prickly subject


  Dee Nickerson 008